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Give Yourself A Break – Work From Home

Billy’s sleeping under my desk as I work on the computer. Ginger’s snoozing at the front door. It’s a beautiful day today, cool, sunny and windy. Just perfect for kite-flying, which several people were enjoying in the field just next to my home. Two men were flying stunt kites. Boy, those things really give a good workout!

I couldn’t resist curling up on the sofa earlier on to read a book. My living room has large picture windows overlooking the river, and it’s always bright and breezy. It’s a great place for relaxing as well as entertaining, and the occasional discussion. Business meetings, however, are usually conducted at the dining table or, rather, the ‘conference’ table.

Ah, the joys of working from home. Not only do I get more rest and more time to spend with my family, my clients are also more relaxed when they visit. I can’t imagine ever slogging away at a job again.

Most employers will never hire someone who has had a serious illness like cancer, no matter how qualified you may be. When you need to earn an income, those closed doors are really discouraging. If this has been your experience, have you considered starting a home-based business? It doesn’t have to be anything fancy or capital-intensive. Thanks to the internet, all kinds of work-from-home opportunities are available now.

For instance, I’m paid to write for websites and blogs, something which I thoroughly enjoy doing. I also sell various products through several online stores, such as carcinogen-free, safe personal care products and health supplements. I don’t have to carry any inventory, which really helps keep costs down for me.

You can make a decent living working from home, and enjoy a good quality of life doing so. Why not explore your options? Don’t be surprised if you find yourself wondering why you didn’t start your own home-based business earlier!

I’m not a morning person. For years, I struggled to get to work on time. What a chore it was to just peel myself off the bed, crawl into the shower, put on my make-up and fight the commuter traffic, only to get to a stressful job with long hours and demanding bosses.

My last job was with a huge multinational company, and 12-hour workdays were very common. Often, I had early morning as well as late-night teleconferences, so working as long as 18 hours in total before I could get any rest became a regular occurrence. Meals were hurried, and I ate at the computer more times than anyone should. Exhaustion, a compromised immune system and shared, stale air in the office meant that I was vulnerable to circulating flu bugs, germs and viruses. I was frequently sick.

Sounds familiar? Well, I was diagnosed with breast cancer at that last job. That was a real wake-up call. It started me on the road to better living. No more sacrificing rest and sleep, no more unhealthy meals, no more working crazy hours. People have been known to fall sick and even die from stress and overwork. So, several months after my cancer diagnosis, I left my well-paid corporate job to work from home.

It’s been great. I get all the rest I need, spend much more time with my loved ones, go for walks whenever I like, have time to make fresh juices as often as I wish, enjoy leisurely and much healthier meals, breathe fresh air everyday – you get the picture. Ah, the joys of working from home!

Is your job getting you down and hurting your health? Are you sick of the daily stress? If it is, explore other ways to earn an income which you will enjoy more, give you more freedom and allow you to live a healthier and more balanced lifestyle. Employment is no longer secure -this latest recession shows this vividly. No wonder growing numbers or people are building a home business and working from home. Fortunately, technology and the internet makes this much easier today. It’s made it possible for me to run several web-based businesses, which I thoroughly enjoy.

If your job is affecting your health and happiness, why not work from home ? It could make a huge improvement in your quality of life.