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Slash And Burn?

There it was again – the “M” word. The last time he brought it up was a year ago. I was surprised that he should mention it again, as I’ve been doing rather well. The approach I took towards treating my Stage 3 estrogen-sensitive breast cancer was unconventional, as my dear oncologist said recently. He knew of very few Stage 3 breast cancer cases which had healed so well, even with the best that modern medicine could offer. My chosen course of action was slow and steady, with no surgery or radiation but only the mildest form of chemotherapy, using oral chemo drugs, followed by an aromatase inhibitor drug, Letrozole (Femara). The AI has some pretty aggravating side effects, but it’s doing its job of inhibiting the estrogen well.

A healthy diet, lifestyle and family environment which includes daily exercise, juicing, various health supplements and the love and support of my wonderful husband, Andrew, helps keep my body relatively free from cancer, except for the tumors which grew and acted up in my breast. Thankfully, the cancer has not spread to the rest of my body. My onco says that my organs and blood are remarkably clean and healthy.

The tumors have shrunk dramatically and I feel as strong as ever, and almost as energetic. So I was perturbed when the subject of masectomy was recently revived. Such major surgery often brings a whole host of other problems, and it’s also no guarantee that a recurrence will never happen again. I’m encouraged by my healing progress, and I’m exploring adding other things to my cancer-fighting arsenal, so I’m in no hurry to have myself cut up. Somehow, I just feel that I’m on the right track.

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