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Safe Sun Protection Which Nourishes Your Skin

What was I thinking? I was out of my Neways moisturiser with SPF15 protection (True Touch Protect AM) the other day so, being in a hurry, I decided to slap on a well-known, expensive brand’s “Cyber White” SPF 50 / PA++ formula. It was a sample handed out at a beauty workshop organised by the local cancer centre. As it was a sample, no ingredients were printed on the tube.

I thought it should have been relatively safe, as it was distributed through that particular workshop. Will I never learn? The cream was thick, white and pasty. It left me looking like a ghost and suffocated my skin. It was difficult to clean off thoroughly too. Uggh! What did they put in that stuff? My poor skin!

My True Touch Protect AM (or PM) SPF15 moisturiser is velvety and absorbs super-fast, leaving skin feeling soft and smooth. It has no questionable ingredients and is safety-tested and dermatologist-approved. The fragrance is fresh, natural and EU allergen-friendly. Zinc oxide acts as a sunscreen while liposomes assist with photo protection. Vitamins and antioxidants nourish and protect the skin. Key ingredients include:

Zinc Oxide , a natural mineral which provides SPF15 with complete UVA and UVB protection. This is an ideal sunscreen for sensitive skin.

Photosomes , light-activated enzymes from plankton which support sun-damaged skin’s natural repair and renewal processes.

Jojoba Oil , a natural, non-irritating oil which moisturises and conditions.

Meadoowfoam Seed Oil , an oil from a grassland wildflower which also helps to hydrate and nurture the skin.

Vitamins C & E , powerful antioxidants which defend and protect the skin against the harsh effects of the environment. Vitamin E also helps moisturise the skin.

Pea Extract , a skin conditioner with antioxidant properties that also supports the skin’s firmness and elasticity.

Walnut Seed Extract , an ingredient with antioxidant properties which helps support the skin against environmental stress.

True Touch ” by Neways International is a range of skin care products which avoids using at least 3,000 questionable ingredients, including known carcinogens. What was I thinking of using some other inferior and potentially harmful brand of skin care?

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