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Germanium – Carrier Of Electrons And Oxygen

My last three posts covered three advanced technologies utilised in Neways NewTeq4 magnetic bracelets – Unipolar Neodymium Magnets, Far Infrared Ray (FIR) Therapy ceramic inserts, and Negative Ions ceramic inserts. This post looks at the fourth technology incorporated into the magnetic jewelry – Gemanium ceramic inserts.

Germanium is a mineral with a diamond-like crystal structure and a unique response to infrared light. It acts as a semiconductor as it accepts and transmits electrons. Unlike most semiconductors, germanium has a small band gap, allowing it to efficiently respond to infrared light. It is therefore used in infrared spectroscopes and other optical equipment which require extremely sensitive infrared detectors. Germanium ceramic inserts in Neways NewTeq4 magnetic bracelets have the same crystalline structure as a diamond and are used for their unique response to infrared light, thereby enhancing the effects of Far Infrared Rays .

Germanium releases conversion electrons emitting shortwave radiation. As they come into contact with the skin, the electrons enable cells to attract more oxygen and enhance protective functions of the body. In its organic form, each atom of germanium is bonded to three atoms of oxygen, making it an efficient carrier of oxygen. In the body, germanium attaches itself to oxygen molecules. This has the unexpected effect of making our bodies more effective at getting oxygen to the tissues in our body. The increased supply of oxygen in our bodies helps to improve our immune system. It also helps the body excrete harmful toxins.

Dr. Otto Warburg, a Nobel Prize winning biochemist, stated that germanium helped to increase the delivery of oxygen to cells. He believed that boosting the oxygen supply to healthy cells slowed the growth of tumors.

The ‘holy waters’ at Lourdes, acclaimed for their healing properties, is said to contain large amounts of germanium. In its organic form as a trace mineral, germanium is present in many important herbs and medicinal plants traditionally used in healing, including ginseng, garlic, comfrey, and aloe. Germanium is known to enhance the immune system by stimulating production of natural killer cells and T-suppressor cells. Certain compounds of germanium have low toxicity to mammals, but have toxic effects against certain bacteria. This property makes these compounds useful as chemotherapeutic or cancer-fighting agents.

Germanium does not directly attack cancer cells. Instead, it stimulates the body’s immune system, supporting the treatment of cancer as well as other degenerative diseases.

Germanium is used in many ways. In Neways NewTeq4 magnetic bracelets, Germanium ceramic inserts work together with three other advanced technologies – Unipolar Neodymium Magnets, Far Infrared Ray (FIR) Therapy ceramic inserts, and Negative Ions ceramic inserts – to produce powerful therapeutic and healing effects.

I’ve never heard of magnetic jewelry which incorporates FOUR kinds of healing and wellness technologies into one item. Have you? Most magnetic jewelry just have magnets in them, and the magnets may not even be Unipolar Neodymium Magnets . Neways NewTeq4 magnetic bracelets are like the Rolls-Royce of magnetic jewelry.

If a non-invasive approach to healing and wellness is what you’re looking for and if, like me, you demand the very best, Neways four-in-one magnetic bracelets may be the smartest jewelry buy you’ll ever make. If I had a hundred bucks to spend on pain-killers OR ordinary costume jewelry OR beautiful jewelry with health-giving properties, I know what I would choose. With the NewTeq4 magnetic bracelet, the worse thing that could happen is that I’ll have a great-looking piece of jewelry to wear for years to come.

So I recently bought a Neways NewTeq4 magnetic bracelet for my sister who’s been suffering from pain in her knees for years. I’m hoping this bracelet will turn out to be as good as I’ve heard, because I don’t want my dear sister to be dependant on drugs any longer. It might take a while to see any results, as natural therapy usually needs time to work, but if it means long-lasting relief from pain, it will be well worth the wait.


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