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Perks Of Working From Home

TeaTime13-22x22 Yesterday, a Friday, was a good day. My hubby and I had a nice, long lunch with a businessman friend, Then we bought some special treats for tea, went home and enjoyed a relaxing tea-time sitting by our large picture windows overlooking the river and the forest. I know this may sound somewhat unhealthy, but if you’re careful about what you indulge in and how often you do it, it doesn’t have to be. I haven’t put on any weight at all, and my health checks have all been good.

Anyway, after tea, we had a little nap. We’ve been working hard on our websites, so we decided to give ourselves a break. A movie followed. Later in the evening, after walking our dog Ginger, we checked our computers and found that a customer had made a large order on one of our websites. I also received a nice message and thank you from someone who recently discovered this website, Healing Pastures. It’s great to be able to help.

Ah, the joys of working from home ! Who wants to be a slave to a job?!

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