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Safe & Healthy Year Ahead

Billy, my cat, is sick. He has urinary tract infection so he has been having difficulty peeing. When he tries, blood comes out. There are bloody spots all over the floor. He vomited several times a couple of days ago and he’s too sick to eat or even drink. We have to hand-feed him. For a sick kitty, he puts up quite a fight. Andrew, my husband, has the battle scars to prove it.

It’s all our fault that Billy’s ill. Cats are fussy about cleanliness, and can make themselves ill simply by refusing to use the litter box when it’s not clean enough for them. The cat litter should have been changed on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day, but we were so busy with the festivities that we waited longer than we should have to put in fresh litter. We were so caught up that we didn’t even notice that Billy had been having trouble relieving himself.

It breaks our hearts to see Billy so weak, and in pain, now. He’s so weak that he’s been soiling himself, so he’s often wet with urine. Cats hate to be dirty, so this must be so revolting for Billy. Of course, we wipe him clean several times a day. Poor baby.

Every time something like this happens, I am reminded that it could have been prevented. Had I taken more care, had I not been lazy, or procrastinated, had I been more observant, had I not been complacent …. You know how it goes.

Let’s try our best to make 2010 a safe and healthy year for our loved ones and ourselves. Don’t let a slip-up cause you grief. Be blessed!

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