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Nuts To You

Horrors! I’m almost out of almonds. The cashew nuts are gone, the pine nuts are running low and Andrew just finished the pecans. I think the sunflower seeds are gone too. Time to stock up. Nuts and seeds make great snacks. Even Ginger, our dog, loves nuts. The minute I take some out, she stalks me. She locks her big, melting brown eyes on me and doesn’t budge until she gets her fair share.

Nuts and seeds are great sources of omega-6 essential fatty acids and the antioxidant Vitamin E. Together, these two compounds work to keep skin elastic and reduce the signs of aging. Free radicals cause aging, sickness and disease and antioxidants fight free radicals. A study published by the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition in 2005 found that eating almonds together with heart-friendly foods like soya products can also significantly reduce cholesterol levels.

I like to eat my nuts and seeds raw. They taste sweeter this way, and they also retain their nutrients and other health benefits. For guilt-free snacking which is even anti-aging, always keep some nuts and seeds handy. They’re great in salads and cereals too.

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