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Natural Sore Throat Remedy

The sun is bathing the fields and forest with golden light, the sky is blue, the breeze is cool and refreshing – it’s much too nice a day to be indoors, but here I am, sitting at my computer. I absolutely must share about a natural cure I just tried out for a sore throat. It’s a beautiful day though and I’m just itching to go outside, so I’ll keep this post short, but useful as always.

A sore throat almost always degenerates into a cough and a cold for me, followed by bronchitis. Once it takes hold, it’s downhill for at least a month. The last time it was so bad that I was sick for four months. With the H1N1 flu spreading rapidly throughout the world – it’s killed at least 800 people so far – getting a sore throat can be a sign of worse to come.

A couple of days ago, when my throat started feeling scratchy and sore, I decided to try an old natural remedy which I had just read about. It was something new to me, however. I gargled with warm salt water. This cure for sore throat seems to help some people, but I didn’t like the salty taste, so I tried another alternative remedy a short while later. It was equal parts of apple cider vinegar and honey, a few dashes of cayenne pepper, and water to dilute. As I used manuka honey with it’s active healing properties, I was careful not to use hot water, in order not to kill the enzymes in the manuka honey.

I sipped the concoction slowly, gargling briefly with each sip, so as to coat my throat with the mixture. Although the cayenne pepper burned slightly, my throat felt better immediately. In one day, I drank and gargled this concoction about three times and, hey, it really works! My sore throat is completely healed!

This natural kitchen remedy just might nip the flu bug in the bud the next time you feel a sore throat developing.  For a more refreshing and zesty taste, try it with cold water.

I’m going out now to enjoy the sunshine and a gloriously beautiful day! You should too!

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