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Boswella Serrata for Inflammation and Pain

One of my sisters has been suffering from pain for the longest time. She has all kinds of joint pains and also had several surgeries. I keep telling her she needs to lose at least 20 kg, exercise regularly and stop eating junk food, and her health will improve significantly. But she keeps finding excuses to carry on with her terrible habits. So how does she deal with pain? She pops painkillers like candy. Well, until a few months ago anyway. She found herself passing blood in the toilet – the result of overusing painkilling drugs for many years, and taking them frequently on an empty stomach. When her doctor found out that she was passing blood in her urine, she told her that she would not prescribe painkillers to her anymore.

So my poor sister had to find some other way to manage her pain. Fortunately for her, I had been reading good things about Boswella Serrata, also known as Indian Frankincense or Shalaki. It’s supposed to be an effective anti-inflammatory and painkiller, while having no side-effects. I gave my sister a few bottles to try when she recently visited me from overseas. Well guess what? She called me a couple of weeks later to say that it began working for her within a week! She said that she used to be unable to get up from a low position, such as her bed, without holding on to something like a railing. Now, she has no problems at all. The inflammation and pain has diminished considerably. I was so happy for her.

Just thought I would share.

Raw Garlic Health Benefits

Ever since I was a teenager, I’ve been prone to developing bronchitis. Every time it hits me, my lungs will get congested with fluid and I’ll cough non-stop through the day and night for a month on average. Nothing seemed to help or, if it did, it was only temporarily. Until recently.

Almost a month ago, my lungs were congested again. I had been researching the health benefits of raw garlic, which includes:

  • Traditional cough and cold remedy
  • Helps in the treatment of tuberculosis
  • Relieves sore throat and toothache
  • Powerful antioxidant (garlic contains high levels of selenium and Vitamin C)
  • Boosts immune system to fight infection
  • Helps lower bad cholesterol levels (LDL)
  • Helps to lower blood pressure
  • Remedy for arteriosclerosis
  • Good for the heart
  • Anticoagulant properties
  • Helps relieve rheumatism pain
  • Reduces cancer risk and also aids in treatment

Garlic is known to have antibiotic, antifungal and antibacterial properties, so it has been used for centuries to treat many health problems. To cut to the chase, I decided to eat a whole bulb of garlic daily more than three weeks ago. That’s  anything from 12-16 cloves of raw garlic each day. I ate half a bulb twice a day – once in the morning and once in the evening, with food and lots of water to prevent any burning sensation in my stomach as the garlic went down. To my surprise, my congested lungs cleared up in less than 36 hours.

As a bonus, I realised that I was no longer suffering from fatigue, a malady which had been plaguing me for more than a fortnight, forcing me to take naps almost every day. I haven’t felt tired or sleepy ever since I started eating raw garlic daily.

So I’ve been burping something terrible every day, and passing more gas than I’ve ever had in my whole life but, having seen how garlic has improved my health and well-being so far, I’m going to keep eating a whole bulb of raw garlic daily just to see what else garlic may remedy in my body. I’ll keep you posted.

What Causes Cancer?

When you’ve done the whole conventional cancer treatment route – chemotherapy, radiation and even surgery – and the cancer still returns, again and again, what do you do? Do you keep doing the same thing, hoping that something will finally work and cure you of cancer?

An oncologist I previously had once told me that chemotherapy and radiation doesn’t kill cancer. At most, they help to shrink the tumors and manage the disease. Removing the cancer cells from the body, in other words surgery, gave a better chance of ridding the body of cancer. Even then, there were no guarantees.

So what do you do when allopathic cancer treatment has failed you and the cancer continues to progress? There is a saying that if you continue to do exactly the same thing every time, you will get exactly the same results. Nothing will change.

There are those who believe that a cancer cure can only be found if you get to the bottom of what caused the cancer in the first place. If you don’t, the cancer will just keep recurring, even if you do the whole gamut of conventional cancer treatment. This is where complementary, alternative and holistic therapy comes in. It’s a different, even radical, way of dealing with cancer. Some ideas may seem flaky but when traditional cancer therapy isn’t working for you, thinking out of the box may actually save your life. Keep an open mind, because there’s a great deal that even the best cancer researchers in the world don’t know.

For the past few months, I’ve been looking into alternative cancer approaches like the alkaline diet and lifestyle and the fungal theory. In the next few posts, I’ll share my findings.