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Boswella Serrata for Inflammation and Pain

One of my sisters has been suffering from pain for the longest time. She has all kinds of joint pains and also had several surgeries. I keep telling her she needs to lose at least 20 kg, exercise regularly and stop eating junk food, and her health will improve significantly. But she keeps finding excuses to carry on with her terrible habits. So how does she deal with pain? She pops painkillers like candy. Well, until a few months ago anyway. She found herself passing blood in the toilet – the result of overusing painkilling drugs for many years, and taking them frequently on an empty stomach. When her doctor found out that she was passing blood in her urine, she told her that she would not prescribe painkillers to her anymore.

So my poor sister had to find some other way to manage her pain. Fortunately for her, I had been reading good things about Boswella Serrata, also known as Indian Frankincense or Shalaki. It’s supposed to be an effective anti-inflammatory and painkiller, while having no side-effects. I gave my sister a few bottles to try when she recently visited me from overseas. Well guess what? She called me a couple of weeks later to say that it began working for her within a week! She said that she used to be unable to get up from a low position, such as her bed, without holding on to something like a railing. Now, she has no problems at all. The inflammation and pain has diminished considerably. I was so happy for her.

Just thought I would share.

Natural Cold Sore Remedy

A certain spot on my upper lip started tingling one morning last week. For me, that’s usually a sign that a cold sore is developing. So I grabbed my tube of cold sore ointment and applied it immediately. Normally, if you do this before a blister forms, you should be able to nip the cold sore in the bud. To my consternation, the blister formed within the next couple of hours.

Now, if you’ve ever suffered from cold sores, you know that they are not a pretty sight. They can spread quickly all over the mouth, which is a very embarrassing as well as painful condition to be in. Once they are established, they can linger for seven to 10 days on average. I had meetings scheduled for the week ahead, and I was desperate to get rid of the blisters. I don’t know why, but I decided to try dabbing apple cider vinegar on the sores. I hadn’t heard about that being a natural remedy for cold sores but, somehow, I just felt it would help.

The vinegar was certainly soothing. I kelp applying it to my lips for the next few hours, using a cotton bud. Before I went to bed, I applied the apple cider vinegar again.

To my amazement, when I woke up the next morning, the cold sore had dried up and flattened out. It no longer hurt. Wow! That took less than 24 hours, the fastest healing time ever for a cold sore. No medicine has ever achieved that before for me.  Yay for another natural cure!

Magnetising News

My sister called me last night from Australia. She had good news – the pain that she’s been suffering from for years has lessened noticeably, enough for her to reduce her dependency on painkillers. One of her colleagues had even commented that she’s walking faster these days, quite a change from her usual stiff, lumbering gait. My sis is taking back what she said earlier this year about the Neways NewTeq4 magnetic bracelet I gave her. She had scoffed at the bracelet then, saying that it was a rip-off, as she had purchased a $15 magnetic bracelet years ago and it did absolutely nothing for her. Ah, but the Neways NewTeq4 magnetic bracelet is no cheap flea market jewelry. I’ve yet to find another magnetic bracelet which packs in so many superior health and wellness technologies in one dainty jewelry item.

Anyway, my sister is singing such a different tune now. She’s so impressed by the improvements in her health so far that she’s saying that the Neways magnetic bracelet is absolutely worth it, and she’ll always wear it. She’s no longer resigned to living with aches and pains and she wants to get one for our Mom too. I’m so happy that she feels much better now as it saddened me that she was always in pain before. Thank God that the Neways NewTeq4 magnetic bracelet really works!