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Raw Garlic Health Benefits

Ever since I was a teenager, I’ve been prone to developing bronchitis. Every time it hits me, my lungs will get congested with fluid and I’ll cough non-stop through the day and night for a month on average. Nothing seemed to help or, if it did, it was only temporarily. Until recently.

Almost a month ago, my lungs were congested again. I had been researching the health benefits of raw garlic, which includes:

  • Traditional cough and cold remedy
  • Helps in the treatment of tuberculosis
  • Relieves sore throat and toothache
  • Powerful antioxidant (garlic contains high levels of selenium and Vitamin C)
  • Boosts immune system to fight infection
  • Helps lower bad cholesterol levels (LDL)
  • Helps to lower blood pressure
  • Remedy for arteriosclerosis
  • Good for the heart
  • Anticoagulant properties
  • Helps relieve rheumatism pain
  • Reduces cancer risk and also aids in treatment

Garlic is known to have antibiotic, antifungal and antibacterial properties, so it has been used for centuries to treat many health problems. To cut to the chase, I decided to eat a whole bulb of garlic daily more than three weeks ago. That’s  anything from 12-16 cloves of raw garlic each day. I ate half a bulb twice a day – once in the morning and once in the evening, with food and lots of water to prevent any burning sensation in my stomach as the garlic went down. To my surprise, my congested lungs cleared up in less than 36 hours.

As a bonus, I realised that I was no longer suffering from fatigue, a malady which had been plaguing me for more than a fortnight, forcing me to take naps almost every day. I haven’t felt tired or sleepy ever since I started eating raw garlic daily.

So I’ve been burping something terrible every day, and passing more gas than I’ve ever had in my whole life but, having seen how garlic has improved my health and well-being so far, I’m going to keep eating a whole bulb of raw garlic daily just to see what else garlic may remedy in my body. I’ll keep you posted.

Sunflower Seed, Lemon & Garlic Dip

If you find raw garlic too pungent to eat but really want to enjoy the health benefits of raw garlic – especially its cancer-fighting properties – here’s a recipe for a delicious, lip-smacking dip which masks the pungency:

1 to 1-1/2 cups sunflower seeds (depending on desired consistency)
Juice of 4 lemons
1 tbs raw Celtic sea salt (or to taste)
1 crown / bulb (note: NOT clove) of garlic
1 cup water

Blend until smooth and creamy. That’s it! Enjoy with healthy chips, crackers or toast for maximum benefits.

Anti-Fungal, Anti-Cancer Garlic Paste

Both garlic and coconut oil are known to have a multitude of health benefits, such as being anti-fungal and even anti-cancer. Recently, I’ve been eating a clove or two of freshly-chopped garlic in a tablespoonful of pure, virgin coconut oil twice daily. Just today, I came across a simple Lebanese recipe for a garlic paste which some may find more palatable. Called “toom”, this paste can be stored in the fridge after it’s made for a fortnight or so.

Toom is used in a variety of ways:

* Spread on bread when making sandwiches
* As an ingredient for making hummus or baba ghanuj or mtabbal
* As an ingredient for salad dressing
* When making meatballs
* In soups, stews or steamed vegetables, stirred in at the last minute
* As a dip for toasted bread

Here’s the recipe:


2 heads of garlic, cloves peeled and chopped in half.

2 tablespoons of lemon juice.

3 teaspoons of salt.

3/4 cup olive or coconut oil.

Optional: 1 small baked potato or 2 slices of white bread or 1/4 cup of mayo or drained plain yogurt.


1. Peel the garlic.
2. Place the garlic cloves, salt, lemon juice in a mini food processor or blender. Whirl for a couple of minutes then drip in the oil with the machine running. Continue until the mixture emulsifies.
3. To thicken the toom and dull the sharpness of the garlic taste, you can add and process any of the following: cooked potato, or bread (American-style, crust removed), or mayo (from a jar) or drained yogurt. For a pure and more concentrated garlic paste, omit these ingredients.