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Hi, I’m Carol. I’ve been dealing with breast cancer since 2001. After years of research and personal experience, I’ve come to the conclusion that both allopathic medical treatment and alternative therapy for cancer have their shortcomings, as well as their merits. Conventional cancer programs are known to knock out the immune system while devastating the body. They caused terrible suffering to my brother, aunt and several friends, who passed away soon after. Allopathic medicine is all too often inhumane and illogical and doesn’t treat the root cause. Addressing the root problem is absolutely essential for GENUINE, sustainable healing. However, the medical approach has also helped many people, especially when combined with alternative therapy.

Who says cats and dogs can't harmonise together?

Who says cats and dogs can't harmonise together?

I used to believe that the alternative approach was the only way to go, and one should follow it to the exclusion of medical treatment. In time, I realised that the two could synergise together. While some alternative programs seem to have worked for some, many who stubbornly continued solely with alternative therapy even as their health conditions worsened eventually died. I followed one well-known alternative cancer protocol myself for more than a year, and the cancer grew alarmingly during that period. When I tried to warn followers of that protocol on a certain forum which promoted it, my messages were censored and I was eventually banned.

So here I am writing this blog. I’m still a fan of alternative therapy, but I no longer close my mind to medical options. Conventional medical treatment has come a long way. I’ve met some wonderful oncologists who are able to provide their patients with the option of  a gentler, non-invasive approach to cancer treatment. If you’re faced with a cancer that no alternative program alone seems to be able to stop, consider incorporating allopathic cancer treatment. Doing the best of both alternative and conventional medical therapy is like giving your enemy a double-whammy. It may be just the strategy you need to beat the disease.

Keep an open mind and do your own research. Never let anyone tell you what you must do. It’s your life so it’s your decision to make. Make sure it’s an informed decision. Don’t rush into anything that doesn’t make absolute sense to you.

Healing Pastures features kinder ways to wellness and health. It adopts a holistic approach, for we are made of mind, body and spirit. Besides my own personal experience, I share what others have discovered. I hope you find the information here helpful. Do share your own personal insights here, so that everyone can benefit. Knowledge is power, and we all need more to fight the enemy.