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What Causes Cancer?

When you’ve done the whole conventional cancer treatment route – chemotherapy, radiation and even surgery – and the cancer still returns, again and again, what do you do? Do you keep doing the same thing, hoping that something will finally work and cure you of cancer?

An oncologist I previously had once told me that chemotherapy and radiation doesn’t kill cancer. At most, they help to shrink the tumors and manage the disease. Removing the cancer cells from the body, in other words surgery, gave a better chance of ridding the body of cancer. Even then, there were no guarantees.

So what do you do when allopathic cancer treatment has failed you and the cancer continues to progress? There is a saying that if you continue to do exactly the same thing every time, you will get exactly the same results. Nothing will change.

There are those who believe that a cancer cure can only be found if you get to the bottom of what caused the cancer in the first place. If you don’t, the cancer will just keep recurring, even if you do the whole gamut of conventional cancer treatment. This is where complementary, alternative and holistic therapy comes in. It’s a different, even radical, way of dealing with cancer. Some ideas may seem flaky but when traditional cancer therapy isn’t working for you, thinking out of the box may actually save your life. Keep an open mind, because there’s a great deal that even the best cancer researchers in the world don’t know.

For the past few months, I’ve been looking into alternative cancer approaches like the alkaline diet and lifestyle and the fungal theory. In the next few posts, I’ll share my findings.

Get Positive and Productive

Wow, we’re three weeks into the new year. Time flies. I told myself at the end of last year that this year I would not waste time obsessing on things which get me down, things which I can do nothing about, and things which are unproductive. So I’ve been trying in the last few weeks to channel my energy only towards things which are positive and productive.

As someone who was diagnosed with estrogen-receptor positive breast cancer, keeping fit and trim may make all the difference in keeping cancer at bay. Besides the ovaries, estrogen is produced in other places, such as the fat cells, so losing weight has been a priority for me. So far, taking a realistic and steady approach, I’ve been losing a kilogram per month. Just three more kilograms to lose, and I’ll be back to what I weighed on my wedding day, pretty much my ideal weight. By following a daily program of walks and salads for either lunch or dinner, I actually lost weight during the December festive season, in spite of enjoying festive treats. My pants have become so baggy that I’ve started to give them away and I’ve had to buy new pants. What a great feeling!

The other positive and productive thing I try to do is take advantage of every beautiful day that comes along. The weather has been so cool and breezy lately that I venture outdoors as often as I can. Glorious nature and fresh air nourishes both my body and spirit every time. Some new cafes and restaurants have just opened up by the river just 20 minutes walk from my end of the river, and they’re perfect for chilling out at, while watching the sun set over the water. Absolutely delectable.

Then I try to spend more time with people who matter to me. Like my mom, for instance. She has dementia and she quickly forgets every visit I pay to her. But she’s happy when I’m there, so I’m glad about that. I try to have more conversations with my sister who lives overseas, so that she’ll know how much I love her and appreciate her. I try to cultivate a good relationship with my in-laws too, such as by remembering them in little ways. I tell my dear husband every day that I love him, and we spend lots of quality time together. We make time for fun, because joy is such a tonic.  Building bridges makes life richer and makes you stronger. When the dark days come, these relationships will sustain you.

It’s a brand new year. A clean slate, filled with opportunity. Forget the past, it’s time to look forward and make the most of every day. I know there’s lots more I can do to make my life better, healthier and happier. What about you?