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Angiogenesis Inhibiting Drug Danger

After further research on angiogenesis inhibitors, especially those in the form of drugs, I’m beginning to think that cancer patients should use them with caution. This is because some studies show that while they do initially cause tumors to shrink, the cancer cells may later invade healthy tissue nearby because the angiogenesis inhibiting drugs were too effective. By preventing the growth and spread of the blood vessel network tumors need to derive their nutrients from, the angiogenesis inhibitors were, in effect, starving them. In a survival reflex, the cancer fights back by trying to establish itself in other areas of the body.

Angiogenesis inhibitors are not cytotoxic, meaning that they do not attack and kill the tumors per se. In conventional cancer treatment, they are normally used together with other therapies, such as chemotherapy and even aromatase inhibitors, to fight the cancer. It looks like the goal should still be to kill the tumor outright, rather than just deprive it of its blood network and food supply.

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