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My sister called me last night from Australia. She had good news – the pain that she’s been suffering from for years has lessened noticeably, enough for her to reduce her dependency on painkillers. One of her colleagues had even commented that she’s walking faster these days, quite a change from her usual stiff, lumbering gait. My sis is taking back what she said earlier this year about the Neways NewTeq4 magnetic bracelet I gave her. She had scoffed at the bracelet then, saying that it was a rip-off, as she had purchased a $15 magnetic bracelet years ago and it did absolutely nothing for her. Ah, but the Neways NewTeq4 magnetic bracelet is no cheap flea market jewelry. I’ve yet to find another magnetic bracelet which packs in so many superior health and wellness technologies in one dainty jewelry item.

Anyway, my sister is singing such a different tune now. She’s so impressed by the improvements in her health so far that she’s saying that the Neways magnetic bracelet is absolutely worth it, and she’ll always wear it. She’s no longer resigned to living with aches and pains and she wants to get one for our Mom too. I’m so happy that she feels much better now as it saddened me that she was always in pain before. Thank God that the Neways NewTeq4 magnetic bracelet really works!

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