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Healing Lavender

There’s something about lavender. It evokes happy memories of my childhood – I always loved bathing with lavender soap. Even today, I put drops of Neways top-grade lavender essential oil into my bodywash and hand-washing liquid. The clean, fresh bouquet of lavender is so soothing and relaxing. It goes into my home-made wound-healing salve too, because of its known healing properties. Lavender is also a great fragrance for adding into Eliminator when I want to freshen up a room or a cupboard.

lavandula vera Lavender seems to be everyone’s favorite scent. Aromatherapy researchers who tested several fragrances came to the conclusion that lavender is the most effective at stress reduction. No wonder some people like to put a drop or two of lavender essential oil on their pillows to help them sleep. A therapeutic massage with lavender essential oil mixed with a carrier oil like Neways Mixing Oil is the ultimate in decadent heaven. Neways Mixing Oil is a superior combination of pure-expelled and cold-pressed oils from grape seed, safflower, primrose, and apricot kernel. Not only is this oh-so-relaxing, but imagine what it will do for your skin as well. An absolutely rejuvenating experience.

Reputed to aid in the healing of skin cells, lavender is popularly used to treat damaged skin like wounds, rashes, burns (including sunburn), eczema, skin inflammation, stretch marks and scarring. When using lavender essential oil for healing or other therapeutic purposes, always go for the best. Neways Lavender Essential Oil is the highest grade available, made from the flowering tips of Lavandula Vera grown in the French Alps. Through a method called steam distillation, the Lavandula Vera flowering tips are coaxed to release their virgin oil. Upon cooling, this virgin lavender oil is then bottled. The purest form of essential oil possible, it is not diluted or adulterated with any harmful chemicals or substances, or cheap additives. That’s why a couple of drops can go a long, long way, and work wonders.

To think I used to buy cheap lavender “essential” oils with inferior ingredients or from dubious sources. How ignorant I was! Every since being diagnosed with cancer, I’ve become very particular about the quality of personal care and household products I use. They must be top-grade, free from known carcinogens and other harmful ingredients. Life is so short and precious. No more cheap crap for me and my loved ones.

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