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Let Your Spirit Soar

My husband finally flew his new kite recently. His cousin and young son had popped by for tea. It was a lovely, windy day, so we decided to go to the field nearby to try out the new kite. We knew that our guests were weighed down by many cares, as the past year had been extremely difficult for them as a family. It had been two years since our nephew had last gone kite-flying, and he missed it so.

running with kite Getting the kite up into the sky wasn’t easy, but how we laughed at each other’s antics as we tried. When the kite finally soared up into the sky, it was a wonderful feeling. There’s just something so liberating about kite-flying. Sheer delight wells up within you as the kite climbs higher. For a while, you’re a child again, carefree and happy.

We enjoyed the cool breeze and fresh air while we were out kite-flying. It was so relaxing and therapeutic to feel the wind blowing through our hair and caressing our skin. We were even blessed to see a rainbow in the sky. To think we would have missed all that had we stayed indoors. We had a good time together. It was particularly rewarding to see our little nephew laugh, and his mom smile.

Kite-flying is good medicine for the spirit as well as the body. A regular dose of kite-flying should be what the doctor ordered. There’s a kite festival on next Sunday near my home. Like to come along with me?

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