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Make The Most Of Today


Kite flying artwork by Mui-Joo Wee

November 27. That was just a couple of days back. On that same day one year ago, a lovely young lady in her mid-twenties was ruthlessly shot in the head in her hotel in Mumbai, India, the victim of a terrorist attack. Hwei Yen was a new bride, married for just a few months. A young lawyer, she had been sent to Mumbai by her law firm to make a presentation.

As I gazed at her photos in the memorial messages published in the obituary section of the newspaper, and read the heart-rending message penned by her prematurely-widowed husband, sadness swept over me, Hwei Yen’s pretty, smiling face reminded me of my niece, who’s also a lawyer around the same age. So much life, so much potential – it can all be extinguished in just a few moments.

Facing death puts a lot of things in perspective. It forces you to re-evaluate your priorities in life. Since I was diagnosed with cancer, I cherish the people I love, and who love me in return, much, much more. I tell them frequently how much I appreciate them and love them. I try to speak words of life to them, rather than words which hurt and destroy. I value the time spent with the people who matter most to me in all the world. I hug often. I make sure the people who have shown me kindness know how thankful I am. I count my blessings.

All too often, we wait until it’s too late to tell someone how much we love them. We waste our time and energy filling our lives with unimportant things, while we neglect the ones who really count. Then, one day, they’re gone, and we’re left with regret.

There are people I love to bits, and I want them to know this while we have our days to enjoy together. As for those I’m not exactly wild about, and who aren’t crazy about me either, I hope we’ll have a better relationship. Life is really too short to waste on fighting.

There are things I always wanted to do, but never got around to doing. I always felt there was plenty of time. Then the years went by, and some windows of opportunity closed.

There’s no point looking back. We have today, filled with all its promise and hope. Let’s make the most of it. My dear hubby, Andrew, bought a kite more than a year ago, and he has yet to fly it. We’ve been bogged down by so many things. It’s been very windy and cool lately. I think we should go kite-flying this week.

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