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What’s In Your Water?

Can you imagine not having clean and safe water to drink, cook with, bathe in and wash your dishes and laundry in? Most of us enjoy the convenience of running water from the tap, but have you ever wondered how safe it is? The US Environment Protection Agency names some contaminants which may be found in drinking water:

Giardia lamblia and Cryptosporidium
Found in human and animal faecal waste. Causes gastrointestinal illnesses such as diarrhoea, vomiting and cramps.

Found in water and multiplies in heating systems. Causes Legionnaire’s Disease, a type of pneumonia.

A by-product of drinking water disinfection. Causes anaemia and can affect the nervous system in infants and young children.

Added to water to control microbes. Causes eye or nose irritation and stomach discomfort.

From natural deposits and in the run-offs from orchards and glass and electronics production wastes. Causes skin damage or problems with the circulatory systems and may increase the risk of getting cancer.

From corrosion of household plumbing systems and natural deposits. Short-term exposure causes gastrointestinal distress while long-term exposure causes liver or kidney damage.

Added to water to promote strong teeth. Can also enter drinking water from erosion of natural deposits and discharge from fertiliser and aluminium factories. It can cause bone disease (pain and tenderness of the bones) and children may get mottled teeth. Ironically, fluoride is found in most brands of toothpaste so, at the very least, use a toothpaste which is free from fluoride and other harmful ingredients like Neway’s Ultrashime Radiance toothpaste.

Safe, clean water is the foundation of health and wellness. What’s in your water?

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