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The Way To Wellness

Why “Healing Pastures”? Well, one thing I’ve discovered over the years since being diagnosed with breast cancer in late 2001 is that healing encompasses mind, body and spirit and it is also a process. Apart from miracles, it’s not something which happens overnight. Award-winning gardens don’t just happen, do they? You have to give them tender loving care, feed them with the right nutrients, and be on the alert against any harmful elements. Then they’ll thrive.

You know that saying “garbage in, garbage out”? How true. You are what you expose yourself to. I never used to read the labels on food products, cleaning products, skincare, cosmetics and other personal care items. How stupid I was to not consider how toxic or harmful these items often are. Do you realise that many consumer products have carcinogenic (cancer-causing) ingredients, as well as other ingredients which can cause health problems?

Now I study all ingredients carefully before purchasing any products. I don’t assume anymore that a product is harmless simply because the brand is well-known. Although it may cost me a little more. I insist on using safe skincare, cosmetics and other personal care products. These are products which are free from known cancer-causing and other harmful ingredients. I’m fussy about the quality of cleaning products I buy for my home too. They must be safe and environmentally-friendly. It’s not easy to find a brand which has a wide range of non-carcinogenic, safe products . Fortunately, I did my research and found an American manufacturer with a strong safety-conscious policy. I get practically everything I need from Neways.

As far as possible, I also avoid processed food, to minimise poisoning my body with chemicals. Most meals are prepared fresh at home, and they include plenty of vegetables and fruit and very little meat. In addition, I blend all kinds of fruits and vegetables everyday first thing in the morning. With blending, the fibre isn’t wasted. Oh yes, organic is best too, if you can afford it.

Healing has a spiritual side to it too. Humans are not just physical beings. Sadly, most people neglect their spiritual health. They let wrong believing and unhealthy thinking mess them up – “garbage in, garbage out” – and imagine that all should be well simply because they spend exorbitant sums of money on expensive health supplements, fitness programmes and spa treatments.

We are what we think and focus on. I used to spend many of my Sundays just lazing around. Spending time with God was not a priority. When challenges came, I had to face them alone, when I needn’t have. I know now that My Maker loves me and will never leave me nor forsake me (Hebrews 13:5). Studies have shown that stress can cause sickness. I’m attending a great church now which has brought me much joy and peace, and the encouragement and prayers of caring friends. My only regret is that I didn’t discover it much earlier. How much I have missed out on!

Now, why “pastures”? Nature is resplendent with healing plants and health-giving elements like fresh air and sunshine (your body produces Vitamin D, a powerful antioxidant, when it is exposed to sunlight). We need to learn to utilise the healing power in God’s creation, which is abundant and often free. We also need to get away from stressful and unhealthy environments and make time for the body, mind and spirit to rejuvenate. Melatonin, another powerful antioxidant, is produced when we get sufficient sleep and at the right time, so don’t compromise on REST. It helps keep sickness, disease and even aging at bay.

Green pastures are so soothing and refreshing, don’t you agree? Psalm 23 from the Bible beautifully conveys the importance of rest:

The LORD is my shepherd, I shall not want
He maketh me to lie down in green pastures
He leadeth me beside the still waters
He restoreth my soul
(Psalm 23: 1-3)

May Healing Pastures rejuvenate you!

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